Getting Ready For Termite Season In Maysville



When Is Termite Season?

Termite season is a broad term and a confusing one. During every month of the year, termites are around. They are less active in the winter but still have the potential to do immense damage. 
Still, termites in Maysville become more dangerous as the weather warms up. In the first few weeks of spring, termites are very active, forming flying swarmers and seeking to build new colonies.                           
If you see a swarmer, you could already be the victim of a termite infestation. Either that or your property may soon be a victim to termites. If you haven't already taken the time to deter termites, now is the perfect time to do so. Before the termites become highly active, you should protect your buildings. 

What You Should Do For Protection

To effectively protect your home from termites, you need to be proactive. Once termites are on your property, you could incur thousands of dollars in damage. They won’t hesitate to eat through structural wood, floors, and more. Without preventative measures, you might not know about this damage until it's too late. 
All of the following steps could keep your home or business safe from termites:

1. Keep A Clean Yard

If you have piles of lumber, mulch, or other debris in your yard, a termite swarmer could find your property attractive. The cellulose in those materials is more than enough to feed a colony of hungry termites, so don't allow debris piles to accumulate in your yard. 

2. Trim Vegetation

If you have excess foliage in your yard, their leaves will fall on the ground and make prime habitat for termites. If possible, keep your trees and shrubs trimmed away from your buildings. Furthermore, clean up after you trim your vegetation: dispose of branches and leaves immediately, or you could find yourself battling termites.

3. Fix Moisture Issues

Wet wood is easy to eat, and termites will seek out property with ample moisture. To prevent these pests, do your best to limit moisture. First, check for leaks in your plumbing. Both outside and inside, check for and repair any leaking pipes and fixtures. In addition to preventing termites, doing so will lower your water bill.
Head outside and check out your gutters. Where do they drain? If water drains near the foundation of your home, you will have puddles and excess moisture. Move the downspouts further from your home, or hire someone to move them.
Inside your property, there could be other moisture issues. Bathroom and kitchen areas may need vent fans, and if your basement has high humidity, it might need a dehumidifier. 

4. Limit Soil-To-Wood Contact

There are two types of common termites in the United States. Drywood termites aren't as common as subterranean termites that live in the soil, but both will travel above the soil and into your wood. So, preventing termites involves limiting direct soil and wood contact, and a barrier could deter termites and protect your structures.

5. Call The Professionals

Truly effective termite protection comes in only one form - professional assistance. Here at Ohio Pest Control, we have a deep understanding of termite behavior. We know that termites always pose a threat to your property, and we want to do everything in our power to protect you from that threat. When you work with us, you can get year-round protection from termites
If you're ready to prepare for termite season and beyond, call us. We're ready to assist you.


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