How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Portsmouth Home


a brown recluse spider on a walkway

Ohio spiders put the “creep” in creepy crawly. House spiders in Ohio are rarely behind homeowners’ smiles. Contact our qualified technicians at Ohio Pest Control to take care of spiders in Portsmouth. Local spiders may live outside on properties and can sometimes make their way indoors.

Common Spiders In Ohio

There are 650-plus species of spiders that make their homes in the Buckeye State, but only a handful are commonplace here. Minus a few exceptions, these spiders are relatively harmless, although residents typically don’t want them as roommates.

  • Brown Recluse: Although this spider doesn’t lash out unless it feels harassed or threatened, bites are toxic. The darker fiddle-shaped marking stands out from the light brown body color, making this arachnid reasonably easy to distinguish.

  • Cellar Spider: Sometimes called “daddy longlegs,” this type of spider is most comfortable in dark, damp places. Coloring can vary from gray to shades of tan; the body is quite small, and the legs are skinny and long.

  • House Spider: This pest is a common sight in homes, as are its webs. This spider is usually tan in color with dark stripes. House spiders in Ohio are a nuisance but can be controlled with prevention methods.

  • Jumping Spider: This spider comes in a wide variety of colors: brown, gray, black, or tan. Accent colors of blue, green, yellow, white, or red can be bright and vary.

  • Widows: The Northern black widow and Southern black widows are naturalized species. Occasionally, the Western black widow may be found after hitching a ride into Ohio. Watch out for the females who bite; they are black with distinctive belly markings in red or orange. 

  • Wolf Spider: This fast mover is usually brown with markings in lighter colors. Nocturnal in nature, the wolf spider prefers hunting outside but can find its way indoors from time to time. This species is one of the more common spiders in Ohio.

Local Spiders: Why Do They Come Indoors?

Ohio Spiders, like many living creatures, seek out food, water, and shelter. These pests are rarely deterred if basic needs happen to be under the same roof as a human home. Pest prey, aka spider food, can be too tempting for spiders to resist; soon, Portsmouth homeowners could be sharing their residence with many uninvited guests.

How To Keep Spiders Away

One of the best ways to get rid of spiders is to get rid of the pests that attract these arachnids indoors in the first place. Stay on top of spider prevention by implementing a few tricks of the trade.

  • Cut off the food supply. Deter spiders by starving their prey. Keep food products stored in canisters that seal tightly. Sanitize counters, tables, and flooring regularly. Empty household garbage into an outside receptacle at least once a day; store exterior trash away from the main residence.

  • Declutter. Get rid of old magazines, newspapers, piles of junk mail, and cardboard. Tidy up collections and holiday decorations by storing them in plastic tubs with lids.

  • Dry it up. Check for any leaks or drips in home plumbing. If there is any water escaping, call a plumber for repairs. Install a dehumidifier in moist areas of the home like the basement.

  • Install aids. When properly installed, door sweeps and weatherstripping can keep pests from entering the home through exterior doors.

Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders In Portsmouth

When spiders invade homes, it can be both scary and annoying. Don’t stress over tackling a spider infestation. Call the residential pest control experts at Ohio Pest Control for the best way to take care of a pest infestation for good. Our technicians work with clients to determine a plan of action based on specific needs, budget, and scheduling demands.


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