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How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Portsmouth Home

In Portsmouth, mice regularly invade homes and are known for spreading disease and damaging property. We are here today to make sure these problematic rodents aren’t causing trouble around your living areas. Here is what repels mice and some great prevention tips to keep them from invading your Portsmouth home....

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How Big Of a Problem Is a Ladybug Infestation In Portsmouth, OH?

Ladybugs aren’t usually number one on anyone’s list of terrible pests to get in your home or business. And why should they be? Their bites don’t really hurt and can’t normally break the skin. They’re not venomous. They don’t sting. They don’t spread disease. They’re even good for the environment....

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What Attracts Stinging Insects To Portsmouth, OH Homes?

Here in Portsmouth, we enjoy fairly mild temperatures all year long. Unfortunately, that means we always have to deal with stinging insects on our properties and in our homes. Nothing can ruin a picnic, barbecue, or outdoor precious moments with your family more than stinging insects....

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How To Keep Flies Out Of Your Portsmouth Home

It’s late at night, and you’re trying to sleep, but instead of listening to the gentle sounds of the soft breeze outside, all you can hear is “buzz, buzz, buzz.” Flies are undoubtedly annoying for Portsmouth homeowners—that goes without saying....

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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs In Your Portsmouth, OH Home

Bed bugs are just plain nasty. The thought of sharing your bed with them will give most folks the creeps and make you start itching everywhere. It’s bad enough to have a problem with bed bugs, but to admit it out loud is hard to do. They are in the same category as lice, having the reputation of being associated with filth. We know now this isn’t always the case....

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How To Tell If It Is Bed Bugs In Your Portsmouth Home

What do bed bugs look like? Can you tell if you have bed bugs without actually seeing them? If you’ve never had bed bugs, count yourself lucky. These pests can make getting a good night’s sleep nearly impossible. But the trouble with bed bugs is that they are often mistaken for other insects, and infestations are ignored until they become severe. If you’ve been wondering how t...

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The Trick To Keeping Pavement Ants Off Your Portsmouth Property

Most ants might not be all that hazardous to your health, but they’re still annoying invaders nobody wants. Here in Ohio, pavement ants are one of the most common intruders of homes and businesses alike. An invasive species imported from Europe, the pavement ant can outcompete many of its native counterparts, and it will also often invade your home in numbers. ...

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Four Ways To Keeps Termites Away From Your Maysville Property

The majority of termites in this region are subterranean, a species that build their nests in the soil. They tend to create small mud tunnels that allow them to easily travel from the nest to sources of wood. Although they are active throughout the year, termites are most visible during the spring mating season....

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Getting Ready For Termite Season In Maysville

The first full week of spring is Termite Awareness Week. Because most individuals don't fully realize the dangers of termites, the holiday was created to spread awareness of just how devastating a termite infestation can be. But awareness alone isn't enough: it's just as important to know how to prepare for termite season. ...

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