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How Big Of a Problem Is a Ladybug Infestation In Portsmouth, OH?

Ladybugs aren’t usually number one on anyone’s list of terrible pests to get in your home or business. And why should they be? Their bites don’t really hurt and can’t normally break the skin. They’re not venomous. They don’t sting. They don’t spread disease. They’re even good for the environment....

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The Trick To Keeping Pavement Ants Off Your Portsmouth Property

Most ants might not be all that hazardous to your health, but they’re still annoying invaders nobody wants. Here in Ohio, pavement ants are one of the most common intruders of homes and businesses alike. An invasive species imported from Europe, the pavement ant can outcompete many of its native counterparts, and it will also often invade your home in numbers. ...

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How Dangerous Are The Cockroaches In Portsmouth?

Dealing with critters after they’ve shown up is harder. This is the case with cockroaches. You might be surprised, but there are multiple species of cockroaches. All are a threat, and some are more destructive than others. You can find out now, how local subclasses can affect you and your property. Additionally, you’ll discover how Ohio Pest Control can assist you. ...

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