How do I get rid of pests in the kitchen?

Pests like kitchens because they contain the resources for survival. Just like humans, bugs are interested in food and water. Even small traces of food and water on countertops, dirty dishes, or on the floors can be attractive to bugs. To prevent bugs from infesting your kitchen, you need to make your kitchen uninteresting to pests.  

The best method to keep the kitchen pest-free is to clean as you go. After each meal or snack, clean up and wipe down counter spaces. Although tedious, this process will keep your home fresh and clean. If pests persist, look for cracks, crevices, and holes in your foundation and around entry points that pests can enter through. Seal them to prevent pests from entering the kitchen. Place all opened bags/boxes of food in airtight containers or your fridge. Secondly, clean the floors and behind appliances regularly. These often untouched corners where bits of leftovers pile up are highly attractive to bugs. If you have pets, do not leave food out for long periods. If possible, only leave out the amount of food needed per meal. Regularly clean your pet's food and water bowls.  

If you're experiencing kitchen pests, consult a professional pest control service such as Ohio Pest Control to make your kitchen feel safe and clean again.

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