How do you identify termites?

Often, it is hard to tell if you have termites. Termites burrow deep into the wood. Since the majority of the wood in your home can’t be seen from the outside, it’s hard to tell if termites are lurking inside. The only time they come outside in large numbers is to mate. When they do, only the reproductive winged males and females will fly into the sky to find a mate.  

This cloud of bugs is often mistaken for carpenter ants. There are several things that set them apart. Termites have elongated bodies that are separated into two parts. Therefore, Carpenter ants seem to have a distinct waist where their body is separated into a third part. While Carpenter ant antennae are bent, the antenna of a termite is straight. ” Lastly, Termites have two sets of symmetrical wings while carpenter ants have one long pair of wings at the front of their body and a shorter pair in the back. 

Additionally, there are a few more observations you can make around the building that might help you decide. If your walls and floors are sagging and you can hear a hollow sound when you knock on the wood, you likely have structural damage from termites. There are two main types of termites, drywood and subterranean. Drywood termites live inside the wood that they eat. Their droppings are tiny and look like sand or sawdust. Seeing this sprinkled along corners or window sills is often a sign that termites are in the building. For subterranean termites, spotting mud tubes running along the walls or nearby trees indicates an infestation. 

If you spot anything that resembles a termite or a possible termite infestation, we encourage you to contact an experienced professional. Ohio Pest Control is a company of expert pest specialists serving the midwest area. We are eager to work with you and give you the pest-free home of your dreams. 

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