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Located along the Scioto River, the village of Piketon, OH, is a great place to call home. The population is rather small, but that doesn’t mean we offer less than larger communities. In fact, Piketon has all the same pest attractants as other neighborhoods in the area, and that means our homes and business are vulnerable to pest infestation. The only guaranteed way to guard your Piketon property from pest infestation is to reach out to a team of experienced pest professionals.
Ohio Pest Control Inc. at your service. Since 1967, our local, family-owned and operated pest control company has been servicing residential and commercial properties throughout Pike County and the surrounding areas. We started with one truck and one 55-gallon termite pump, and we’ve grown into a trusted local source for comprehensive pest protection. As dedicated members of the local community, we work hard to keep properties safe, and pest-free all year long. So, reach out to us today, and we’ll get started.

Home Pest Control In Piketon, OH

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If you’re seeking professional home pest protection for your Piketon home, you’ve come to the right place. The team at Ohio Pest Control Inc. protects local homeowners from a variety of common area pests, such as termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, stinging insects, rodents, fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, and wildlife. We currently service 900 homes in the local area, providing complete interior and exterior services. We concentrate on common problem areas such as: 

  • Interior – crawl spaces, basement, entry points, cracks, and crevices.

  • Exterior – leaks around windows, doors, cracks, crevices, eaves of the house, and landscaping.

From start to finish we use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to target the infestation in a thorough and effective manner. Whatever kind of household pest problem you’re facing, you’re not in it alone. We’re ready to help, so reach out to us today to set up your free inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Piketon, OH

If you want to protect your Piketon business from the detriments of pest infestation, there’s really only one way to go: ongoing services from the pest professionals. Here at Ohio Pest Control Inc., we provide comprehensive commercial pest control services that local business owners can depend on throughout the year. We service a broad range of facilities, including restaurants, bars, government facilities, warehouses, office buildings, schools, and hospitals. Whatever kind of business you run, we work with you to customize the right treatment approach to tackle your pest problem, guaranteed. Some of the treatments we use include: 

  • Exterior bait boxes.

  • Spot treatment of yard and exterior.

  • Granular treatments.

  • Fly lights where necessary.

  • Monitoring of containerized glue boards (in kitchens and bait boxes).

Along with our basic pest control services, we offer additional services for general pest control, rodent control, fly control, wildlife control, and commercial bird control. Everything is customizable, and our monthly follow-up service gives you continued protection from infestation all throughout the year. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Four Tips For Backyard Mosquito Control In Piketon

Mosquito activity is common here in Piketon. Not only do these vector pests bite and give us itchy welts, but they also expose us to a long list of diseases through their bite. If you’re looking for effective tips to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes, consider implementing the following four preventative measures around your backyard:

1. Eliminate any sources of standing water. 

2. Keep your landscaping well-trimmed.

3. Maintain gutters and downspouts to divert water away from the house.

4. Use window and door screens to prevent entry.

The tips listed above are definitely a great place to start in your mosquito control efforts, but sometimes, these pests prevail. They can be a real problem, and you deserve the best protection possible. That’s where the pest experts come in. Contact Ohio Pest Control Inc. today to address your mosquito control needs. We’re ready to help; just give us a call to get started.

Five Tell-Tale Signs Your Piketon Home Has Bed Bugs

It’s very important to be able to identify signs of bed bug activity around your Piketon home. Why? Because the sooner you discover the problem, the faster you can treat the infestation, and prevent it from spreading any further. If you’re wondering how to detect bed bugs on your property, here are five telltale signs of infestation:

1. Line of small red bites that you wake up with in the morning.

2. Red blood spots on linens and bedding.

3. A distinct, musty odor around active areas and harborage spots.

4. Rusty brown excrement spots on furniture, curtains, sheets, etc.

5. Egg shell casings and skin shedding around active areas.

The best, most effective way to protect your home from the nightmare of bed bugs is to contact the team at Ohio Pest Control Inc. We’re experienced in detecting all bed bug activity, and eliminating them from the premises, giving you guaranteed protection from infestation. Contact us today to discuss your bed bug control needs; we look forward to your call.


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