Stored Product Pest Identification

What are stored product pests?

Stored product pantry pests are those insects, usually beetles or moths, that infest whole grains or processed foods. These insects are annoying to deal with, contaminate food, and cause an economic loss for both home and business owners. Some of the most common species of stored product pests living in our area of Ohio include angoumois grain moths, cigarette beetles, confused flower beetles, Indian meal moths, and wheat weevils.

an indian meal moth in portsmouth ohio

Are stored product pests dangerous?

You can find all stages of a stored product pest’s development in stored products, but it is the larval stage that does most of the damage. Female stored product pests lay their eggs on stored products; after the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the food provided. Stored product pests aren’t dangerous as they don’t bite or sting, nor are they a significant health threat. What stored product pests do create is food waste; when food becomes contaminated with pantry pests, you need to discard it.

Why do I have a stored product pest problem?

Whether stored product pests move into your home on their own or hitchhike their way inside, once there, they will make quick work of contaminating your family’s food sources. Adult moths or beetles may find their way into a home after being attracted to outdoor lights. As the insects move around the exterior, they move inside through openings around windows and doors, light fixtures, or in exterior walls.

The most typical way stored product pests find a way inside a home is through products purchased from the grocery store, farmers market, or other stores contaminated with eggs or larvae.

Where will I find stored product pests?

Houses, warehouses, grocery stores, food processing or storage facilities, hospitals, schools, and anywhere else food is stored or prepared, is subject to having problems with stored product pests. Cupboards, pantries, kitchens, and other food storage areas are where you are likely to run into these pests inside your home. Flour, cereals, spices, dried pasta, crackers, chocolate, dried milk, dried fruits, dry pet food, and baking mixes are foods that regularly become infested with stored product pests.

How do I get rid of stored product pests?

At Ohio Pest Control, Inc., we can provide the services needed to eliminate stored product pests from your home or business. Having food contaminated by these pests is costly and stressful. We will quickly come to your aid, providing a thorough inspection and performing effective, customized treatments. Our family owned and operated company will protect your family and property from insects, rodents, and other pests. Call Ohio Pest Control today to learn about solving problems with stored product pests with our residential or commercial pest control options.

How can I prevent stored product pests in the future?

In conjunction with our effective services, our prevention tips will help you defend your home against stored product pests:

  • If possible, don’t buy dry goods, bird seed, or pet food from bulk containers.
  • Inspect dry goods you purchase from the store, looking for rips or holes in the packaging.
  • After bringing dry goods home, remove them from their flimsy packaging and place them in a hard-sided container with an airtight lid.
  • Store dry pet food in metal containers with a locking lid.
  • Keep cabinets and pantries free of crumbs and other food debris.
  • Regularly inspect dry goods in your home for signs of insect activity and get rid of expired items.
  • Keep adult stored product pests from moving into your home by placing weatherstripping around windows and doors and placing tight-fitting screens in open windows and doors.

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