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Pest Control

We provide effective and reliable residential pest control services while ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers, their families, and pets. We deliver personalized solutions that address the unique needs of each customer.

Risks Of Ignoring
Pest Problems

Pest infestations in your home can lead to health risks, property damage, and a lower quality of life. Pests carry diseases, contaminate food, and can cause structural damage to your home. It is crucial to quickly and effectively eliminate infestations to maintain a safe and healthy living environment.

Our Commitment To Pest-Free Homes

Ohio Pest Control quickly and efficiently eliminating pests from their homes. Our team of experienced professionals, ensures that our customers' homes are pest-free as soon as possible. We also  offer long-term protection.


We provide our customers with a peace of mind, knowing that they are protected against potential future infestations, and can enjoy a pest-free living environment.


Solving All Types Of
Residential Pest Problems

Ohio Pest Control is proud to offer a variety of removal services. It is our mission to give the most effective outcome in the safest and most convenient way possible. We have years of expertise and believe in quality care. Not only do we offer service packages, but we offer personalized programs and plans for each unique home.

Some of the most common infestations we treat are ticks, mosquitos, rodents, termites, honey bees, bed bugs, fleas, and wildlife.

Our Residential Pest Routine

1. Contact

phone icon

Contact us to schedule your free inspection. We’ll discuss with you the issues you’ve seen around your property, what your concerns are, and what you hope to gain from our services.


2. Treatment

We'll use the information we gather during our inspection to develop your personalized treatment plan.

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3. Long-Term Protection

Our residential pest routine is used to maintain infestations once the primary infestation has been cleared. During our monthly or quarterly visits, our team members spray the outside of the home with pesticides and insecticides to protect the home.

Proudly Serving Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia Areas

Ohio Pest Control offers full-service pest control solutions to residents of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia areas. We prioritize quick and effective service. We offer pest control services for both commercial and residential businesses.


If you live in the Midwest area and you need pest control solutions, Ohio Pest Control is the service to call.

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